Professional wrestling as a quality entertainment

Throwing an opponent over the top rope during a match this move is still illegal in the National Wrestling Alliancehowever, in cases like the Royal Rumble match, this will be allowed in order to eliminate a wrestler from the match.

November Learn how and when to remove this template message While each wrestling match is ostensibly a competition of athletics and strategy, the goal of each match from a business standpoint is to excite and entertain the audience. No contest[ edit ] A wrestling match may be declared a no contest if the winning conditions are unable to occur.

This can be due to excessive interference, loss of referee's control over the match, one or more participants sustaining debilitating injury not caused by the opponent, or the inability of a scheduled match to even begin. Typically, a match must be declared a "no holds barred" match, a "street fight" or some other term, in order for both disqualifications and countouts to be waived.

Intentionally laying hands on the referee. The count is broken and restarted when a wrestler in the ring exits the ring. Professional wrestling in the United Kingdom At the turn of the 20th century, wrestling was introduced to the public as part of a variety act to spice up the limited action involved in the bodybuilder strongman attractions.

Many wrestlers such as The Rock and The Undertaker are strongly identified with their character, even responding to the name in public or between friends. While the referee remains "unconscious", wrestlers are free to violate rules until he is revived or replaced.

History of professional wrestling

The promotion company flourished and quickly became the premier spot for wrestlers. This is the same as a submission, as in kayfabe the manager is considered the wrestlers agent and therefore authorized to make formal decisions such as forfeiting a match on the client's behalf. Performing any illegal holds or maneuvers, such as refusing to break a hold when an opponent is in the ropes, hair-pulling, choking or biting an opponent, or repeatedly punching with a closed fist.

During the late s, Wright called himself "The Godfather" and portrayed the gimmick of a pimp. As a result, the tag team formula that United States tag matches tend to follow does not apply to lucha libre because the race to tag is not a priority.

Crockett was unable to beat McMahon, however, and McMahon took big bites out of Jim Crockett Promotions by successfully airing the Survivor Series and Royal Rumble on the same nights as Starrcade and the Bunkhouse Stampede ppv cards.

Knockout[ edit ] Passing out in a submission hold constitutes a loss by knockout. At one point this was largely ignored. If it drops to the mat or floor three consecutive times without the wrestler having the strength to hold it up, the wrestler is considered to have passed out.

He would often bring multiple women, who he referred to as "hoes," to the ring with him, and would offer the sexual services of these women to his opponents in exchange for them forfeiting their matches against him.

The WWF was forced to change itself to overcome its competition, remodeling itself with added bloodshed, violence, and more profane, sexually lewd characters.

It was also a time of great change in both the character and professionalism of wrestlers as a result of the appeal of television.

Professional wrestling

This may be an abrupt, surprising event, or it may slowly build up over time. In spite of all this, the NWA as a unit Professional wrestling as a quality entertainment still on top and gained huge dominance through Georgia Championship Wrestling GCWbecoming the first nationally broadcast wrestling program on cable television in If it drops to the mat or floor three consecutive times without the wrestler having the strength to hold it up, the wrestler is considered to have passed out.

A draw occurs if both opponents are simultaneously disqualified as via countout or if the referee loses complete control of the match and both opponents attack each other with no regard to being in a match, like Brock Lesnar vs.

Intentionally laying hands on the referee. Attacking an opponent's eye, such as raking it, poking it, gouging itpunching it or other severe attacks to the eye.

The WWF expanded nationally through the acquisition of talent from competing promotions and, because it was the only company to air televised wrestling nationally, became synonymous with the industry, monopolizing the industry and the fanbase.

There is also a less common role of a "tweener", who is neither fully face nor fully heel yet able to play either role effectively case in point, Samoa Joe during his first run in TNA Wrestling from June to November Wrestling fit naturally with television because it was easy to understand, had drama, comedy and colorful characters, and was inexpensive for production.

The great demand for wrestling, however, meant there were not enough skilled amateurs to go around, and many promoters switched to more violent styleswith weapons and chairshots part of the proceedings.

A no contest is a state separate and distinct from a draw — a draw indicates winning conditions were met. A direct low blow to the groin unless the rules of the match specifically allow this. However, this concept failed due to low ratings.

Any outside interference involving a person not involved in the match striking or holding a wrestler. Disqualification from a match is called for a number of reasons: This section needs additional citations for verification.

John Cena performs his STF submission hold against Mark Henry A wrestler may voluntarily submit by verbally informing the referee usually used in moves such as the Mexican Surfboard, where all four limbs are incapacitated, making tapping impossible. The history of professional wrestling, as a performing art, started in the early 20th century, with predecessors in funfair and variety strongman and wrestling performances (which often involved match fixing) in the 19th century.

Professional wrestling is a popular form of entertainment in Australia, North America, Latin America, Europe and Japan.

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Professional wrestling as a quality entertainment
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